My name is Amy Dentata and I make unusual computer games.

Games that tell real-life stories, that touch us as human beings, even when fictional.

I believe traditional games are stuck in a self-referential bubble,
and "serious games" are a misguided outcropping of "gamification" and quantification.

What I care about is game design that connects to the rest of the world:
Neither isolation nor commodification, but integration.

Toward that end I also write books, speak at colleges and other venues, perform comedy and spoken word, compose music, and more.

Currently working on: Sunshine (formerly "UFO") and Trigger.

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First-Person Singular

A video series where I play mainstream and independent first-person games while commenting on game design, culture, gender and sexuality, colonialist politics, and just about everything else.


Music composed for my games or that inspired them.


My comedic performances at the Queer Open Mic in San Francisco and elsewhere.

Books and Anthologies

Work of mine that has appeared in a form other than my blog, whether published or self-published.

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