My name is Amy Dentata and I make unusual computer games.

[Amy Dentata's] work deals with a range of themes and employs some vastly different visual and mechanical styles. Something all of her games have in common is a certain fearlessness; they often deal with serious issues in a playful, game-like way. Her games ... subvert traditional gamer expectations while embracing the abstraction of video game mechanics.
— Paul Hack, Indie Statik

I also do numerous other things such as write books, speak at colleges and other venues, perform comedy and spoken word, and compose music.

Currently working on: UFO and Trigger.

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Most of the games and other things I create are freely available. Support me through Patreon to see more!

The site is undergoing a redesign and has a few technical issues to iron out.
Expect things to be nice and clean again soon! ~ Amy (9/2/14)


Play my games on my site or on one of the following portals:

First-Person Singular

A video series where I play mainstream and independent first-person games while commenting on game design, culture, gender and sexuality, colonialist politics, and just about everything else.


Music composed for my games or that inspired them.

Comedy and Spoken Word

I perform regularly at the Queer Open Mic in San Francisco. I was a feature performer for the Queer Arts Festival. You can find videos of my routines on YouTube. (Adult content.)

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