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Like horror but more like real life. Multiple actions. Multiple endings.

Playtime: 10 Seconds in Hell

Created for the Ludum Dare 48-hour competition, this short slice of horror provokes intense reaction from players for its menacing atmosphere, intense gameplay, and multiple endings.

Controls: WASD + mouse – move. E/left click – use item. Q/right click – drag/move item.
TAB – toggle subtitles.

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“Cold and nightmarish in its sense of static and disconnection.” – Zolani Stewart, GameCritics

“Gone Home didn’t need to show a single person. 10 Seconds in Hell doesn’t need human bodies or voices.”
– Porpentine, Rock, Paper, Shotgun

“An example of a first-person game that evokes emotion via abstraction rather than high-definition graphics.”
– Merritt Kopas, Forest Ambassador


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NOTE: May be upsetting to some players for themes of domestic violence and creepy computer-generated voice acting.

+ Press TAB to toggle subtitles
* Mouselock now works properly on the web, is improved for desktop version

* Official Ludum Dare entry