Check Out My (Chapbook’s) Backside!

That’s right folks, work on my first chapbook continues. I am 90% there. The manuscript, weighing in at a decent 33 pages, is formatted for print. I’ve chosen a printing service–CreateSpace, a subsidiary of Amazon, which means I’ll also get a listing on their main site. (Provided they don’t deem my material obscene, or too short to bother.) Pretty snazzy! All that’s left now is to finish the cover art, check a proof or two until everything is in order, publish, and then advertise.

I surprised myself and wrote a piece of ad copy I’m actually proud of:

Neither a titillating tell-all autobiography nor a cry for loving acceptance, Amy Dentata’s first chapbook defies the stereotypes of transgender women’s literature. Through poetry, short stories, and mini-essays, Bite tackles the intersection of child abuse and gender politics with a voice that is simultaneously shocking, hilarious, and provocative.

Fake (Yet Accurate) Praise for Bite:

“That was powerful! Life-changing! Now please go away so I can cry in a corner for a week.” – General Consensus Among Live Audiences

“I am a trans person or ally with a decent grasp of feminist and activist terminology, despise anti-trans bigotry, and think Bite is a must-read.” – The Author Just Described Her Target Audience

“What does ‘cisgender’ mean?” – Most Cisgender People

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