You know processing. That thing you do with your therapist. That thing you do with your best friend or significant other when Shit Hits the Fan in that brainmeatbox of yours

I am processing like 12 gigs held by Supermoms with an L7 cache and external hardass drive

I am processing shit so hard right now I’m like a 10,000 teraflop multi-core lesbian Hitachi overclocked to 500GHz with whiskey coolant


Original image by rachellafranchistock

I breathe flashbacks, I sleep flashbacks, I tell you EVERYTHING IS OK in the morning because I’m

fucking sick of saying YEAH STILL TRIGGERED eight years later

If you can’t eradicate fear your best bet is to bear hug fear so fucking hard it gets creeped out and runs away

I am processing like a fucking combine harvester fueled by concentrated FUCK YOU ripping through 50 miles of solid bear flesh at 5 bears a second

My therapy program’s manufacturing resolution has hit the fundamental fucking limit of the strong nuclear force. Moore ain’t got shit on me, I’m processing with fucking quarks now asshole

Quarks that are sick of your shit.