Where You Find People, You Will Find Trans People

Surprise! The numbers don’t lie!

ncte trans survey vs population density

I came across this image, which is from a presentation by the AIDS Foundation of Chicago, through my friend Annetta Gaiman. The image is simple, yet it’s a real head-turner. The map on the left shows the location of data points for a transgender discrimination survey. On the right is a population density map of the US.

No more debating; it’s settled. Anyone who thinks trans people are all frivolous richies with kooky therapists, aliens from another planet, or San Franciscans: it’s time to give up the stereotypes. Where you find any people, you will find trans people.

You can view the slides from the AIDS Foundation presentation here (contains some cissexist slurs).

8 thoughts on “Where You Find People, You Will Find Trans People

  1. Comparing the two maps really does make a profound statement. Although, it’s quite unfortunate clicking on the link for the study and finding a page with four trans women and two trans men, with the label “trannies” appearing underneath. Wtf?

  2. Odd, I lived in a city of 110,000 people growing up and went to a high school of 2,100 yet I am one of 5 trans people just within in four different classes (class of 2007, 08, 09, and 10). I mean sure most of us started transitioning after high school but still…

    I’ve never felt that these numbers represented us well.

    • The important part isn’t the raw numbers in each area, but their distribution. The survey has a smaller sample size than the population density map, so in reality the population of trans people being sampled is much larger than what’s represented. If they were to collect a larger sample, the result would probably match the population density map even closer, and show a larger number of trans people overall.

  3. I have been touting the same message in the UK for years and I would say that a similar picture of the UK would show results that are more or less the same.

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