Trigger is Back in Development, Crowdfunding Campaign Soon

After a long stretch, Trigger is out of development hiatus! A freelance artist based in Scotland, @stolencomputer, has come onboard to help finish production and is already off to an amazing start. You can find his portfolio here.

Re-introducing Wendy and Rick, our two main characters:

Illustration: Wendy and Rick

There’s more to come soon, including a crowdfunding campaign so @stolencomputer and I can work full time to get this game finished and published. (Since Trigger will be a paid release, my supporters on Patreon will also get a download key when the game is released.) If you want to know immediately when the crowdfunding campaign gets off the ground, send an email to amydentata at gmail dot com, subject “Trigger Crowdfunding”. We will also have a demo ready soon.

If you missed previous news on the game or have forgotten all about it during the development hiatus, here are the details: Trigger is a digital “choose your own adventure” story for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Wendy, a 30-something housewife, discovers a secret from her past that may threaten her marriage and her sanity. The story depicts PTSD from the perspective of a survivor as she comes to grips with her past and looks toward the future. It’s made to be finished in a single sitting and has multiple endings that show different aspects of Wendy’s life. You can find more information, including the original teaser trailer, here.