Progress on Sunshine and Trigger

It’s been a long time coming, but my artist has been working at an amazing pace to get assets done for the Trigger demo. It’ll be out by the end of the month.

Trigger title screen

If you want to help us finish this game and make sure my artist gets paid, stay tuned for the upcoming crowdfunding campaign. This is an important story that has deeply affected the people who play it. I cannot wait to get it out to the world! Next my artist and I will be working together to get the rest of the graphics for the game done as well as finishing touches. That last 1% of a project is the hardest.

I’ve also been building more pieces to the Sunshine puzzle. The latest free version of Unity includes all the advanced engine features that used to be hidden away in the pro version. With access to these tools I don’t have to put together homemade LOD systems or any other workarounds, and can just return to implementing game systems. This is a Very Good Thing™.

My health continues to be a bit shaky but has found a weird “new normal”. I hope to get this infection cleared out for good but my productivity in the meantime has been increasing again. I don’t have bedridden days anymore. Also a Very Good Thing™!

More updates to come soon.