Amy is a writer, game designer, artist, and performer who touches on topics including trauma recovery, mental illness, sexuality, futurism, and transgender issues. She started performing music at open mics in her hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, before moving to the Bay to pursue a career as a game artist. While attending school in San Francisco, she simultaneously discovered the SF Queer Open Mic and a love for spoken word. She now creates using every medium at her disposal.

Her game A Night in the Woods has been featured on Indie Statik and PC Gamer. Rock Bottom was featured on the front page of Game Jolt and Newgrounds, and now boasts over 50,000 views. Her games have also appeared on IndieGames.com, Free Indie Games, Rock Paper Shotgun, GameCritics, the Critical Gaming Project, and numerous other places. She employs what few connections she has left in the world of fine arts to curate the FPS Toilet Museum.

Her writing has appeared on Autostraddle and Trans Bodies, Trans Selves, a resource guide for the trans community. She self-published a chapbook, Bite, which has been described as "a personal and enthralling tale" and "terribly funny". An article about positive representation and its effects on self-esteem was published in Best Sex Writing of the Year.

She has spoken about trans issues at colleges across the US. She also appeared on a panel for Freethought Blog's online convention FtBcon, dispelling common myths about trans people. Amy has been a regular performer at the SF Queer Open Mic and was a feature in the 2012 Queer Arts Festival. She performed in That's What She Said, a women-centered variety show, and appeared in the My First Love poetry festival.

You can check her blog or her Patreon page for updates on her latest projects. She can be contacted at amydentata at gmail dot com.

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— Yeah, That Sounds Like Something She'd Say