A Night in the Woods

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A Night in the Woods

Trailer: A Night in the Woods

You’re lost, cold, and need a place to sleep for the night. But there’s more going on than it seems. A short first-person game.

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“Both prophecy and requiem. [A Night in the Woods is] a pensive game, absent of conflict and rich in subtext.”
– Paul Hack, Indie Statik

“You’ll find three of my favourite things: gorgeous first-person pixel art, thoughtful sound design, and overbearing screen borders [that trick] my brain into thinking I’m playing some forgotten first-person RPG from the mid-nineties.” – Tom Sykes, PC Gamer


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v1.1 (only available for browser)
* Dithering effect added by Maya Kerr.
* Other minor tweaks.

* Initial release.

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